Capacity and Traffic Performance of Roundabouts

Roundabout and capacity

Roundabouts have become the preferred standard solution for junctions within urban streets and rural road networks. And this is really justified: Roundabouts have advantages in terms of performance combined with short waiting times, in terms of traffic safety, in terms of design quality and in terms of their economy. Their use also makes sense regarding environmental issues.

But roundabouts also have limits in their applicability. Essential aspects are the capacity and the potential quality of traffic flow. Determining the performance of such modern traffic facilities is not that straightforward. Therefore, the use of an efficient and comfortable computer program is recommendable. Here KREISEL is the right solution. KREISEL has already found widespread use in several European counties.

The current American HCM 2016 & 2022 are fully taken into account as well as the well known British solution. Moreover the current procedures from Germany (HBS 2015), Swiss and Austria are implemented in KREISEL. In particular, KREISEL provides an improved assessment for turbo roundabouts according to the latest German and Dutch procedures. KREISEL can assess the capacity of the exits for single-lane roundabouts and mini-roundabouts according to a new research founded procedure. Furthermore, KREISEL can calculate the O-D-matrix of a roundabout from  counts at entries and exits.

KREISEL uses the calculation methods that are preferred in different countries. This includes:

  • USA: HCM 2016 & HCM 7 (2022)
  • UK: Kimber (1980)
  • Germany:  HBS 2015 (also HBS 2001/2009) & Turbo-Kreis acc. to FGSV 2015
  • Schwitzerland: SN 640 024a (2006) & method after ETH Zurich (2009)
  • Austria: RVS 03.05.14 (2010)
  • Netherland: Turbo-roundabout: CROW (2008) & other roundabouts: CROW (1999)
  • und others

KREISEL is international: the language can be switched between English, German, French, and Italian.

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